There is no black brain, every brain has the same colour! But the problem in Africa is our mentality. No one soar like an eagle with a grasshopper mentality! Africa arise! It’s time for a change.


Africa is a great continent with vast natural and human resources. We have so much but so little to show for it. Little wonder Mensa Otabil made the following remark: “Have you noticed that some of the poorest nations in the world are also, strangely the most richly endowed in natural resources? The nations of Africa have vast deposits of gold, diamond, oil, platinum, fertile forest and good weather condition. They also have a large work force of citizens who are ready to sweat in the fields from dawn to dusk for very little pay and yet their presidents and government leaders spend much of their time going round begging from nations who do not have a fraction of those natural resources and labour force.”

Many third world nations do not process their raw materials. They later buy the processed finished products made out of their raw materials at a higher price. A nation becomes ‘third world’ if it lacks the capacity to manage its resources from the raw primary product stage to the sophisticated processed stage. We need the necessary information, technological advancement and skills to increase the value of what we have in Africa. We should become restless against the status quo; our thoughts, assumptions and beliefs must undergo structural adjustment in the way our mind sees. Our mentality of always doing things the same way our fore-fathers did them without restructuring our working structures to suit today’s challenges should be discarded. Africans should imbibe the culture of nurturing and investing to increase the value of what we have; instead of consuming what we have today without consideration for the future.

According to Walter Carrington, “Dr. Martin R. Delany, the father of Black Nationalism in America paid a visit to what is now known as Nigeria in 1859-1860, hoping to see a great state built in Africa ‘A nation, to whom all the world must pay commercial tribute.’ Sadly, his dream of a century and a half ago has yet to be realized. Africa continues to be marginalized on the world stage. Despite all our sloganeering of ‘Africa Rising,’ this continent, in spite of its vast natural resources, remains the least respected in the world.” Poverty has continued to persist in the nations of Africa even in the midst of plenty. Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world is the only member of OPEC (organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) to be listed among the world’s poorest countries because we have refused to lessen our dependence on raw resources and diversify our economy to other areas such as agriculture, education and manufacturing. It’s time to stop corruption and contribute meaningfully to the world economy. We should place value on what we have by developing our human resources and taking advantage of our tomorrow.

Africa, it’s time to arise and take our place of pride in the world!

Lesson: Not all of the answers to man’s problems are in heaven. The solution to Africa lies within her citizenry; leaders and followers alike. Let us be the change we want to see as we build this great continent of ours together.

2 thoughts on “LIFE LESSON- ARISE AFRICA!”

  1. admin says:

    Arise Africa. It’s time for a change

  2. Benjamin Okpara says:

    Germane. The cure to the African malaise lies in each one of us. Indeed there is not a black brain just a black mentality that must be jettisoned for us to make great progress. Very profound ma.

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