You were created an original, don’t die a photocopy!


I heard this story from Joel Osteen; “a woman had a heart attack on the operating table and asked God ‘is this the end?’ God answered and said to her ‘you have 40 more years to live.’ Before she was discharged from the hospital, she decided to have a complete make-over: Tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction and face lift. As she was crossing the road one day, she had an accident and died immediately. And she asked God ‘but you said I have another 40 years to live on earth, why am I dead? God answered ‘I did not recognize you.”
If you don’t like and appreciate yourself how can you like and appreciate people around you. Be happy with yourself and let your happiness be infectious; the world is full enough of sad happenings. You may not have everything you want, but you certainly have some things you need. No life is problem free. The only people who don’t have problems are in cemeteries. The real problem is how we handle our problems. Never take your identity from somebody’s opinion of you. Be true to yourself; learn from your mistakes and become wiser. Never condone your weaknesses but never condemn yourself either. Be happy with being you. When you start seeing the good in your situation, you are likely to find it far outweighs the bad.
It was Maya Angelou the great poet who said “If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be good to me.” Place value on yourself and feel good about yourself. Stop trying to be someone else and discover the real you created after the image and likeness of God. You may not control all that happens to you but you can control your reaction to them. Be the hero of your life and not the victim.
Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all!

Lesson: Be true to yourself and remember there is a purpose to your life.
Nobody can love you like you, so learn to love yourself.

18 thoughts on “LIFE LESSON- BE YOURSELF!”

  1. mercy U says:

    Love yourself and be at peace! Good things will come your way.

  2. Dr (Mrs) Erifeta says:

    Insightful statements. Great work. Ride on!

    1. mercy U says:

      Thank you for your comment

  3. samuel says:

    Great job, there is no one greater than you are your own best according to Gods design.

  4. Dickson Okoh says:

    Great writing. The world is waiting for you. You have shown that blogging does not start and end with what one celebrity did there and what another did here with a mixture of exaggerations and lies. What you are doing is great and will help re-orientate the minds of people towards good values that will push the society forward.

  5. Okoh Mercy says:

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    Thanks for your suggestion

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