If you don’t think right, you can’t live right!  You can’t have negative mentality and live a good life. Think and live positively.

thinking power


If you can transform your thoughts, you can transform your life and the world!

“It is estimated that an average person has 10,000 thoughts or images flashing through the mind each day”. Each of these images creates millions of neurological connections in the brain. These connections form energy, which influences the negative or positive frequencies. Scientists claim that in the average person, roughly 75% of all thoughts are negative (stressful thoughts of low-self-esteem, heartache, faulty relationship, accident, abuse etc.). These negative thoughts produce chaotic frequencies which create ‘Destructive cellular memories’. Dr. Bruce Lipton stated that 95% of modern day illness and diseases are due to this destructive cellular memories which may cause health problems from depression to hopelessness, cancer, acne to arthritis, headaches to heart disease, ulcers and all kinds of infections. Conversely, it’s been shown that a steady dose of the right positive frequency images release brain chemicals that act as your body’s natural stress reducer, thereby activating the immune system and decreasing the production of destructive cellular memories. This emphasizes the importance of replacing all negative thoughts of hatred, fear, rejection, emotional betrayal, unworthiness, abuse etc., with positive thoughts for the body to maintain its natural state of balance and stay healthy. Come out of every negative thinking and live! For once in your life, think and act like the son of the creator of heaven and earth; think of being loved and cherished by God almighty whose thoughts for you is to give you hope and a wonderful end.

Nothing controls a man like his mind; therefore, transform your life by renewing your mind positively. Your life tends to move toward the direction of your dominant thoughts. To influence your world positively you have to think positively.  This life is lived inside – outside and not outside – inside. Therefore, if you can settle the issues of your life in your mind, they remain settled on earth.

Use your mind to provide solutions and not to create problems. Every great achievement in history is a product of a possibility-thinking mind. There is a popular saying that, “Millions of people saw apples fall from apple trees, but only Isaac Newton asked, ‘Why?’”  In an attempt to find an answer to his question through productive thinking, he discovered the Law of Gravity, which is the facilitator for major inventions in aeronautics and marine engineering.

Take a break and think of what you are thinking of! Are you taking control of your life and destiny by working with your mind? Without first working it out with your mind, your hands cannot be productive. Also, what your mind cannot positively picture, your hands cannot possess. Think of ways of improving on your job, improving your relationship with God and man, and getting more productive in life.

You don’t expect to think negatively and live a positive life. You are the sum total of your thoughts. When you think well, you live well, ‘for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’

Think greatness! Think health! Think of building houses in space! (You do not owe anyone anything or apology by thinking great). Reject discouraging, angry, fearful, degrading and depressive thoughts and live life to the full.


Lesson: Your thinking can affect your relationships, studies, work, social life and health. Take control of your life by taking control of your thoughts.

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