Life has no alternative, tread with caution!

alternative life


Having no alternative clears your perception, does away with procrastination, and helps you make up your mind. On the other hand, distraction drains your energy, blurs your focus and disrupt your momentum. If a college student happens to be close to a lecturer that has no scruples and takes bribe in exchange for grades, that particular student is either going to read to pass or give the lecturer some money to get high grades. The problem here would be a shift of focus for a hard working student who would have developed his mental capacity to take decisions and contribute to overall development of humanity by using his brain, but now having to give bribe in order to achieve what he should work hard for.  This leads to mental laziness and underdevelopment.

There is no alternative to life! If we decide to have a lackadaisical attitude to life and think that better days are ahead without laying a solid foundation now, it would be comparable to building a castle in the air. My life is my life! Your life is your life! Our outcome in life is mostly determined by our personal contribution to life itself. Don’t mess up with your life, because you don’t have a spare!  Just like salvation is personal, destiny is personal, there’s nothing like joint-destiny.

God is the only answer to life, there is no alternative to Him. How do I mean? There was this wealthy man who went to a popular witch doctor and said, ‘I want you to give me juju (magical power) to secure my life. I have stepped on many toes and now they are after my life’, the witch doctor gave him a list of what to get for the ritual to fortify him against death and told him to return with the items in a week. Exactly a week later, the man came with all the items to the native doctor, but unfortunately for him the witch doctor had passed away in his sleep the night before their appointment. ‘Who is man that you should put your trust in?’ Can you carry a Honda car for repair to a motorcycle repairer? No! God is our maker, He’s the only one who can solve our problems. There is no alternative to Him! So, go to Him.

Having no alternative keeps you focused and grounded on the truth.



Lesson: You only have one life to live, make the best use of it and let it count. There is no alternative to life. You only have one maker, He has no alternative.

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