Nigeria arise!

Nigeria, our beloved country, full of people with hope and aspirations even in the face of despair. We desire a better Nigeria, where basic amenities are available and affordable by all and sundry. How long shall we continue to celebrate independence when majority of her citizens wallow in abject poverty. Independence means freedom from dependence on or control by another person, organization, or state. It also means beginning of political freedom. The question I keep asking myself- ‘Is Nigeria truly independent?’

‘Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world is the only member of OPEC (organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) to be listed among the world’s poorest countries because we have refused to lessen our dependence on raw resources and diversify our economy to other areas such as agriculture, education and manufacturing.’ It’s time to stop corruption and contribute meaningfully to the world economy. We should place value on what we have by developing our human resources and taking advantage of our tomorrow.

According to Walter Carrington, “Dr. Martin R. Delany, the father of Black Nationalism in America, paid a visit to what is now known as Nigeria  in 1859-1860, hoping to see a great state built in Africa ‘A nation, to whom all the world must pay commercial tribute.’ Sadly, his dream of a century and a half ago has yet to be realized. Little wonder Mensa Otabil made the following remark: “Have you noticed that some of the poorest nations in the world are also, strangely the most richly endowed in natural resources? The nations of Africa have vast deposits of gold, diamond, oil, platinum, fertile forest and good weather condition, yet, their presidents and government leaders spend much of their time going round begging from nations who do not have a fraction of those natural resources and labour force.”

Fellow Nigerians, let’s join hands and salvage our nation. Let’s build upon the achievements of our respected forefathers. Nigeria belongs to all of us.

I want an economically sound and united NIGERIA where, there is respect for the rule of law, zero tolerance to corruption, security is guaranteed, hard work is appreciated and the tenet of true democracy is upheld. Until we get there as a nation, I have my reservations concerning the true state of Nigeria.

Happy Independence Day.

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