If you fail, it’s your fault. If you succeed, it’s because you wanted to succeed. You are responsible for you.



It is a waste of precious time to lay blames on others for your mistakes or failures. The day you start taking responsibility for your actions and inactions, then you are mature enough to know why you were created and map out ways to actualize your destiny. The fact that you were born in the ghetto doesn’t mean you have to remain there. It is your responsibility to become too important to remain in the ghetto and step out to a better life.

Do not belittle yourself just because you never knew who your father was, your mother was a slut, or you came from a lineage of slaves. There are some things you cannot change, but you can change your response to your circumstances by choosing to remain positive, optimistic and doggedly determined to succeed against all odds.

You have to become responsible for you. Talk to yourself constantly; encourage and develop yourself on a daily basis; map out plans on success strategy; take the necessary steps and walk out of poverty. You have to get to the point in your life where you declare to yourself ‘enough is enough’ of mediocrity. Be like Queen Esther in the Bible who said to herself “If I perish, I perish”, but I’ve got to save my Jewish folks. She did not perish, but succeeded in saving her people from extinction.

To succeed in life, you need to have personal conviction and believe in yourself before others can believe in you. Do not think ‘oh! It’s too difficult to be a millionaire nowadays, especially in Nigeria because of the economy meltdown’. It may be difficult but not impossible! Start by explaining to yourself why you’re so unproductive and not innovative enough to create wealth and have financial freedom. Then, start learning new and better means to improve and enhance your productivity. You can start little but gradually, through discipline, persistence, diligence and determination, you can go on and inherit the earth.

Anything worth having takes work! If you are afraid to work hard, don’t be afraid to fail.

Life indeed is a matter of choice. When you have the will to succeed, you will locate the door of success with time. Stop making excuses for yourself. This is the time to tell yourself the truth that it is possible to be born poor but live rich. You are responsible for your life, make the most out of it.

Have you ever wondered why God calls you “a royal priesthood, peculiar person, a king, joint-heir with Christ? It’s because He created a masterpiece to reign and dominate the earth. Please, do yourself a favor. Stand up and take your rightful place.

Become a responsible you!



Lesson: Stop making excuses and take the necessary actions to become a better you. You are responsible for your outcome in life.

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