No purpose can be fulfilled in isolation- get usefully connected.

Purpose is your reason for being created. Every product is created by a manufacturer with the intent to solve a particular problem. God created you with a purpose in mind. You are an answer to somebody’s prayers; a solution provider. There is no alternative to your reason for creation, that’s why your finger prints are uniquely yours and cannot be ascribed to anyone else.

Your purpose is what you are naturally endowed to do. Fishes have the ability to swim because God gave them fins and gills to adapt to water. Once you discover your purpose and act accordingly, you will have personal fulfillment, and would have satisfied the mandate “Be fruitful…subdue… and have dominion over the earth.”  Fulfillment of purpose guarantees your dominion over the earth. According to David Ogbueli, “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a reason. Without the discovery of purpose, life becomes an endless string of activities with little or no significance. Life without a purpose is like sitting on a rocking chair making motion without progress.”

You are the way you are because of your God-given purpose. Your purpose is unique to you. There is nothing like dual purpose- purpose is individual.  Just like the head cannot stay in position without the neck, you need others to fulfill your destiny here on earth. Like the saying goes “A tree cannot make a forest”, no purpose can be fulfilled in isolation. David needed to kill Goliath to get to the throne. The moon is not created to shine, but reflects the light of the sun; so the moon needs the sun to fulfill its purpose.

Whatever you need to fulfill destiny has been deposited on your inside. Refine and develop your talent and it will speak for you. Identify your goals daily, and work towards achieving them. Make every day count and invest your time into something worthwhile, no matter how little. Alternatively, the easiest way to fail is to do nothing and be envious of those that are succeeding. In the words of T.D Jakes “Don’t be jealous of any man or intimidated by anybody’s achievement. God gave us various talents on this earth and no one person can fulfill all the purposes of God for this earth.” Get busy and fulfill your purpose, and you shall be fruitful and replenish the earth, and shame shall be far from you.

Apart from fulfilling your individual purpose, our ultimate purpose is to reflect the glory of God with our God-given talent and be part of something bigger than you. Whatever your purpose is here on earth, let it glorify God.

The discovery of purpose is the discovery of oneself!


Lesson: God did not create a nonentity, discover your purpose and run with it.


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  1. soundgod says:

    fantastic one ma, every one has something unique on the inside,until you find it, it wont manifest .. Great lesson.

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