Imagination is the ability of the mind to build mental pictures or scenes that have not happened. The human mind is like a map that charts the direction of your destiny. You cannot succeed above your imagination. Most of the things we experience in life are premeditated. Your mind is a gift from God which must be exercised and updated frequently with relevant knowledge to make it work for you, and then your life can experience unending breakthroughs.

The aim of updating your mind daily with knowledge is to enable you change your thoughts. Every positive change in your thought leads to a positive outcome in life, because ‘as a man thinks so is he.’ Life is lived from the mind. What you think is what you get in life. The power of imagination lies in the fact that the mind has the ability to attract whatever it conceives. The answer to some problems in life lies in your ability to think through and change your attitude.

The mind is a treasure of unlimited possibilities! Take advantage of it and work it out. According to David Oyedepo, “The great character problem we have today is as a result of the non-thinking multitudes of Christians, who just think things will change on their own.” Every change takes place after a carefully thought out decision to do something about a particular situation.  A breakthrough in mind equals an automatic breakthrough in life. There is no transformation without mind renewal.

God cannot think for you, if not He would have made man a robot or an imbecile. Instead, He created man in His image and gave us the mind of Christ – the mind that created the whole universe – and that mind is at work in us. Therefore, stir up your mind and discover your world.

Keep your mind healthy with positive thoughts. Avoid negative imaginations, they are traps of the devil to discolour one’s destiny. Mental warfare are so important as everything you will be in life starts from the mind. Always think of success, health, promotion, beautiful family and everything good. Look now from where you are presently, far into the future where you want to be with the eyes of your mind, and experience the power of positive imagination. God can’t stop your imaginations, rather, He answers your thoughts.

Renew your mind and transform your life by reading uplifting books and listening to great men/women of virtue. Integrate whatever you’ve learnt into your imagination and have a great future. Update your mind regularly with things that are noble, pure, true, just, honest, of good report and virtue. Tame your negative thoughts with positive thoughts –every man is the product of his imagination.

Your mind is your success story! A store of unending possibilities! An avalanche of ideas

for a great future! Put your mind to work and create a better world for you and the entire

human race.

Unplug your mind and rule your world!



  • David Oyedepo- The Force of Freedom.
  • Mercy Okoh- Redemption.

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