You cannot get to the top if you’re not self-disciplined! Strive to do what is necessary or right without been urged by somebody else. Maintain mental self-control, and be calm and controlled while exhibiting acceptable behavioral patterns. So many people have notable dreams and desires, but it takes discipline to bring those dreams to reality. It takes discipline to endure hardship now in order to prevent hardship in the future.

If you want to be outstanding in life, you have to constantly and consistently engage the force of self-discipline to become the best at whatever you do. Are you a student? Then discipline yourself to go for lectures and read your books in order to graduate with good grades. Pay the price today to win the prize tomorrow!

Be disciplined in the areas of your finance, habit, time management, character, relationship and ideas:

  • If your spending power is more than your earning power, you lack discipline. You must discipline yourself to save for the future, and be accountable to yourself on how you’re spending your income.
  • Develop the habit of planning your day early in the morning, and committing your plans into God’s care. Start your day timely, and set goals you want to achieve for that day. Try your best to achieve your daily goals, and gradually walk your way to the top as you discipline yourself to achieve your daily goals.
  • Time is the greatest asset you have to succeed in life. The rich and the poor have one thing in common-24 hours a day. The difference is how they go about spending their time. Some invest while others waste their time. Have self-control over your daily activities and channel your time to productive ventures.
  • Be disciplined in your personality, behaviour or appearance. Let the world know that you are unique and reliable. Your character will either bring you honor or set you up for disgrace. It’s difficult to climb high when your character is low.
  • Relate with destiny builders. Don’t be found in the company of corrupt, mean and lazy individuals. You eventually become like the company you keep. So mingle with giants and end up as one.
  • It is good to have ideas, but it’s more rewarding to give life to your ideas or dreams in order to benefit mankind. According to Jim Rohn, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

Discipline your senses: You have 5 sensessight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Each one of them is really important in your everyday life and should be controlled for you to actualize your dreams.

  1. Use your eyes to see well. Don’t bother looking at things that will distract you from attaining your goals in life. Be content with where you belong on your way to the top. Discipline your eyes to see a great future ahead of you and work hard to achieve what you can see.
  2. Use your sense of smell to perceive good aroma from people who are heading for the top and follow them all the way. Dissociate yourself from polluted surroundings and mingle with sincere and diligent people.
  3. Use your ears to get relevant information that will motivate and enhance your destiny. Be selective in your hearing. Control what you’re hearing and don’t let unnecessary sounds occupy the ear because it’s going to have a direct effect on your life.
  4. Use your sense of taste to control what you eat. Don’t consume your earnings by eating everything you see. Control your appetite and save your money for better things. Don’t build your mansions in your tummy!
  5. Control your sense of touch in what and how you feel. Your environment doesn’t determine your greatness but your mentality and innate determination to succeed. What you have on the inside is more important than how you feel. Take control of your inside and influence your environment positively.

An important key to develop early in life is self-discipline, this enables you to stay focused on what needs to be done to effectively achieve a goal.

Discipline is the foundation for greatness and the heart of every champion.

Be disciplined! Be a winner!


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