Sometimes, God can bypass what you want in order

to give you what you need.

If you keep getting everything you want, you can end up

destroying your future or not learning the virtue of patience.

Look at Samson, he wanted and got Delilah,

and ended up destroying his life prematurely.

The answer to our prayers at times is God saying

“No! Because, I love you so much to let you have this request”

So, learn to thank God for the things you didn’t get, as much

as the needs He supplied graciously.



We all have dreams given to us to fulfill on earth.

Some actually die without actualizing their dreams,

while some live their dream and bless humanity with their God-given

idea and die empty.

It would be a wasted life to go to the grave pregnant with unexpressed ideas

in your heart.

To live your dream is to die fulfilled.



You know you are getting mature, when you can laugh at your past

that used to make you so mad;

when you worry less about what others think about you;

when you can intercede for your enemies;

when you are more interested in having a good name

than building empires;

when you know that life is about giving not just receiving;

When you stop trying to be someone else, and discover who

you are.

Maturity is a process, and it’s not age related.



Happiness doesn’t mean you have solved all your problems,

but you have discovered how to live without being weighed

down by them.

Don’t pray for a problem free life, if not how will your mind

be challenged to seek for answers and develop!

No matter the situation, learn to smile, it opens doors and hearts.

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Count your blessings and not your bruises.

Be happy.

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