We were taught that we have five senses – sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Each one of them is really important in your everyday life and should be controlled for you to actualize your dreams. But we need to know we have a sixth sense that governs the real world we live in, and it is another term for extrasensory perception known as the force of Faith.

The following are what we should be doing with our senses in order to maximize destiny.

  1. Sight- Use your eyes to see well. Don’t bother looking at things that will distract you from attaining your goals in life. As you aspire for greatness, be content with where you are right now on your way to the top. Discipline your eyes to see a great future ahead of you and work hard and smart to achieve what you can see.
  2. Smell- Your sense of smell should be developed to perceive good aroma from people who are heading for the top and follow them all the way. Dissociate yourself from polluted surroundings and mingle with sincere and diligent people who are destined for the top.
  3. Hearing-Use your ears to get relevant information that will motivate and enhance your destiny. Be selective in your hearing. Control what you hear and don’t let unnecessary and negative sounds occupy the ear because it’s going to have a direct effect on your thinking which will ultimately affect your life.
  4. Taste- Not everything that is tasty is fit for human consumption. Use your sense of taste to control what you eat. Don’t consume your earnings by eating everything you see. Control your appetite and save your money for better things. Don’t build your mansions in your tummy!
  5. Touch- Control your sense of touch in what and how you feel. Your environment doesn’t determine your greatness but your mentality and innate determination to succeed. What you have on the inside is more important than how you feel. Take control of your inside and influence your environment positively. Stop reacting to every negative influence and concentrate on building a positive life.
  6. The force of faith is like a Wi-Fi, it’s invisible but has the power to influence your natural world positively by influencing the spirit world to your advantage. Man is made up of three parts- body, soul and spirit. The spirit of man communicates with God, which in turn renews the mind (soul) and makes the body perfect. It takes faith for the spirit of man to develop to the level where it can receive from God to actualize his destiny.

Of all the senses, the most important is faith! ‘The just shall live by faith.’ The just shall succeed by faith! According to Martin Luther King, “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase” Faith entails taking risks. Another word for risk is faith.  Only those who risk going far can actually go far.

You really need to develop your sixth sense in order to succeed in life. How? Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.


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