There are times I wonder if God knows what I’m passing through or if He still hears prayers. Most times I have come to the realization that God can do anything, and will do whatever we desire if we keep praying in faith until something happens. If we don’t give up, God will definitely show up!

 The true life story below supports the importance of prayer in overcoming life’s struggles and challenges:

In 1964, Communist Simba rebels besieged the town of Bunia in Zaire. They arrested and executed many citizens. A pastor by the name of Zebedayo Idu was one of their victims. They sentenced him to death before a firing squad and placed in jail for the night. The next morning, he and a large number of prisoners were herded onto a truck and driven to a public place for execution. With no explanation, the official told the prisoners to “line up and number off-one, two, one, two, one, two.” The ‘ones’ were placed in front of the firing squad, and the ‘twos’ were taken back to the prison. Pastor Idu was among those who were spared. Back in the prison, the prisoner could hear the sound of gunfire.

The pastor took advantage of the dramatic moment to share the story of Jesus and the hope of heaven. Eight of the prisoners gave their lives to Christ that day. About the time Pastor Idu finished sharing the gospel of Jesus, an excited messenger came to the door with a release order. The pastor had been arrested by mistake and was free to live. He said goodbye to the prisoners and hurried to his home next to the chapel. There he discovered a crowd of believers who were praying for his release. When they saw the answer to their prayer walk through the door, their prayer service turned into a praise service.

According to a popular saying, “When life knocks you down- just make sure it knocks you to your knees.

Keep praying, God still listens!


Culled from ‘The Word for Today’ November-December, 2017/18 Edition- Bob Gass.



Culled from ‘The Word for Today’ November-December, 2017/18 Edition- Bob Gass.


  1. Jano says:

    Simple but stirring message!
    The importance and power of prayer can never be underestimated!!
    All the glory be to the God that answers prayers, for unto him shall all flesh come. God bless you richly, ma.

    1. mercy Okoh says:

      Thank you.

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