Why settle down for little or nothing, when you can have it all? You can never be better or higher than the perception you have of yourself mentally. Sometimes, circumstances can force us to devalue ourselves and take the next best alternative even if it’s degrading. This reminds me of the constant migration of Nigerian youths through dangerous routes – forest, sea and desert aided by human traffickers with the promise of getting them to Europe for a lifetime adventure, only to be exposed to dehumanizing form of labour and sexual exploitation. Even when our youths are now aware of the inhuman treatment they are subjected to outside their country, they still keep migrating in their thousands to Europe.

I feel for the Nigerian youths, who like most Nigerians are victims of bad leadership over the years.  The Nigerian government therefore, is to be held accountable for the woes that have befallen the youths. How can a country such as Nigeria ‘flowing with milk and honey’ be laden with so much poverty everywhere you look? Why should our youths continue to migrate to other countries at the expense of their lives and destiny? Why are we suffering in the land of plenty? The answer is simple-greed and poor leadership.

In the Coat of Arms of Nigeria, there is a symbol of an Eagle. Nigeria as a nation should be the envy of other nations, just as the Eagle is superior to other birds. Contrary to expectation, the eagle does not flap its wings or hide when there is a storm, instead it soars high above all obstacles and glide in majesty. Why is Nigeria as a country, still crawling and flapping its wings even after fifty-eight years of gaining independence?

Why do our leaders go to other countries and display our dirty linen in public instead of paying attention to the development of their countries? Nigerians are not lazy, but they just lack an enabling environment to thrive and be the best they ought to be.

The Nigerian youth should not think less of himself/herself. You are smart, intelligent, hardworking, creative, and doing the best you can under the given environmental circumstance. You are special! Don’t let no one belittle you, however see every negative statement as a launching pad to work harder and smarter so as to become what you are destined to be. Engage yourselves in productive and innovative activities.

Just like the Prodigal son, who after suffering shame and abuse (even desiring to fill his belly with the husks that the swine did eat, but wasn’t given), thought of returning to his father, Nigerian youths should likewise come together and map out strategies to reclaim their land from those who are holding on to power without doing much to develop the land.

You have to earn your right to rule the land. Get proactive! Force your way to relevance by proffering solutions to the fundamental challenges affecting the country, and impact the nation positively. Wake up and be responsibly engaged in building your nation.

You are the hope of Nigeria! You are the future!



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