‘Towers don’t just appear, they are erected.

               Success is not just a dream come true, but a

                 dream made true’

To build a tower you have to count the cost so that you don’t end up halfway in shame.

What is your tower? Your ambition in life, your dream, your drive, that thing which keeps you going forward even when you are worn out.

You can’t just wake up one morning and tell yourself that you are the next Bill gates or Aliko Dangote without a sense of vision or mission. Greatness does not fall from the sky, you have to earn it through diligence, determination and tireless effort to succeed.  There is a price to pay for every attainment in life.

Fix your eyes on what you plan to become, and ensure nothing distracts you from it.  Close your ears to criticisms except the constructive ones, and begin to build slowly and meticulously from a solid foundation until you have a completed tower.

There is a path to greatness and a price attached to every achievement in life.

The following are some pathways to achieving greatness:

  • Locate what you are passionate about, what motivates you to be productive and move toward actualizing it.
  • Get the relevant information/training/skills about your vision or goals.
  • Process the information into workable ideas
  • Diligently pay the price to achieve your desired dream- work out your ideas
  • Succeed through determination. Many people have laudable ideas/dream but lack the determination to follow through.

To successfully build your tower to completion and be counted great, you have to pay careful attention to the 3 D’s of greatness:

Discipline: This represents a strong dedication to a well-defined goal. It may not be convenient but necessary in order to set order to one’s life in the purpose of a task. It also entails making the most of one’s time in order to achieve a goal.

Diligence: This means investing your time, energy and resources in the purpose of a given task. It’s all about hard work- not just busy but being productively engaged and focused about a given goal.

Determination: Many people have ideas but lack the determination to see it through. Determination means firmness of purpose. Don’t start it if you can’t finish it! Champions are not made in dreams, but through requisite exercise and die hard determination.

Finally, we must be firm about our goals and be persistent, refusing to give up in order to arrive at our destinations. Avoid distractors along the way as you build your tower, and press for the prize.

Greatness doesn’t just happen, it is earned. Go and earn yours!



  • David O. Oyedepo- Following the path of the Eagle. 2017 Ed.

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