Do you know a lot can happen in just a moment? Your life can take 360 degrees turn for the better in a jiffy. Opportunities are the highways to greatness. An opportunity missed is a tilt toward failure! Opportunity doesn’t always knock; sometimes it stands by waiting to be recognized!

Below are some ways of locating or meeting with an opportunity of a life time:
 Opportunity can be found in your daily routine or habit. Your greatness in life can come from your willingness to be of help to others or from a challenge you were able to surmount. Look at the life of Joseph in the Bible. A prisoner-turned-Prime Minister all in a matter of moment. As a prisoner even though imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, he was joyful and kind enough to interpret the dream of a fellow prisoner and this granted him the opportunity of meeting with Pharaoh, the greatest world leader then who put him second in command.

 Your opportunity can come from how well you treat people from whom you have nothing to gain. If Naaman the leper wasn’t kind to the maid he brought away captive to Syria out of the land of Israel, she would not have told him about Prophet Elisha’s ability to heal him and Naaman would never have recovered from leprosy.

 Greatness can come to you from an insurmountable challenge. Opportunity can appear in form of a dangerous situation! Sometimes. If David never faced Goliath and conquered him, he would not have become the king of Israel. Stop running away from challenges, some of them are blessings in disguise! The greater the opposition, the greater the endorsement when you finally overcome that situation.

Let your past failures or experiences be an impetus to prepare for the opportunity of a lifetime. There a saying that “it is better to prepare for an opportunity you may never meet than meeting an opportunity you are not prepared for”
Temporary success may come because of what you know or do, but permanent success comes from what you are- A problem solver; a people lover; a person of integrity; a diligent and determined go-getter.
Be prepared!

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