Life can be likened to a Wheelbarrow. A Wheelbarrow will not move unless you get behind it and push it forward with purpose and focus. You need to persistently push your life forward with determination toward your goal or objective. No one can help you succeed more than your desire to accomplish the best in life. The truth is that ‘life is not a bed of roses.’ You must expect some obstacles, challenges and unforeseen circumstances to fight your upward movement and try to pull you down, but let your power of determination to succeed be stronger than your fear of failure.

No one has ever succeeded in life without putting up a fight! The fight for survival starts from the mind. The mind is the battle field of life! If you can’t take possession of a great future with the power of your imagination, you can’t achieve much no matter your life span. Making giant strides require your ability to deal with distractions with a positive mindset without ruining your peace of mind. Reprove every repulsive thought that tries to belittle your survival instinct and make you settle for a life of mediocrity. You are who you think you are! Think big it doesn’t cost money. Don’t settle for less.

There is a saying that “The only constant thing in life is change.” You have to adjust your mind to the changes in life and still retain your ability to think positively. Don’t loathe change, or shrink back in fear when you are faced with adversity. God has given us a sound mind to always accommodate every change in life and use it to our own advantage.

Please, stop wasting your time. Take hold of your life and push forward.

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