Learning is forever.

Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

Anyone who stops learning is old,

either at twenty or eighty.

Keep your mind fresh and open to new insight and information.

No matter your profession, there’s always something new to learn. You need

To regularly update yourself with relevant information, in order to stay on top.

Nothing transforms like information! So invest your time, resources and energy

To enhance your skills and stay relevant.



Focus on where you want to go, not where you

are coming from. The future is more important than

the past, so choose to be forward-focused and not


No matter what you have been through in the past,

learn the lesson and forget the details.

God doesn’t see any of us as failures; but as learners.

Keep on learning and moving forward.



A man with the spirit of self- control is stronger
than a fenced city.
Don’t give people the opportunity to make you
angry. The one that angers you controls you!

For every hour you stay angry, you lose 3600
seconds of happiness.
Don’t put the keys to your happiness in another
man’s pocket, because he can decide to throw
away the keys and make you angry forever.

Stay happy, stay joyful and learn to have the
spirit of self-control.



No matter how much you try, you may not be able
to escape having some enemies, but don’t worry, because
Sometimes your enemies will do more to promote
you than your friends through their criticism and remarks.
Bitterness towards your enemies, is like a deadly poison,
It can contaminate your entire system. Avoid it and be joyful!

Don’t pray to God to kill your enemies, because He wants
to prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies.
When a man’s way is pleasing to God, He will make even
His enemies to be at peace with him.
If it is possible on your part, live at peace with everyone.




If you light a lamp for somebody,
it will also brighten your path- G. Buddha

God gave us two hands because the first
is to help yourself and the second is to
help others.

When we learn to help one another, we make
this world a better place. Be an answer to somebody’s
prayer and God will supply your answer to life’s problems.



‘Never let anyone, however good the intention is,
persuade you to do what you know is wrong.’

Don’t build your foundation in life on lies and deceit,
it will surely crumble. If you tell the truth always, you
never have to remember what you said.

As much as possible have a good conscience void of
offense toward God and man.



It’s hard to climb to the top when
your character is low.
Character is like pregnancy,
you can’t hide it for long.

To succeed in life you need to
work on your character daily.
Develop a sincere and excellent character
in order to excel in life.



‘Sometimes you will never know how precious
a moment is until it becomes a memory.’

Instead of living in regret later, make use of today
wisely, in order to create a beautiful memory tomorrow.

There is no moment like today!



Here today, gone tomorrow!
This is the story of man.
You only live once, but if you live well,
once is enough.

There is time to live and time to die! But nobody
knows the end.

God is the only one who knows the end from the
beginning, so following Him guarantees your safety.



Stop asking God for a problem-free life,
otherwise you might die of boredom! It’s working to
solve problems that you become the best you can
possibly be.
The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor men
perfected without trials.



Everyone must grow old. But growing up is a choice.
Not everyone will grow up. Until you conquer yourself,
you are not growing up.

You need to conquer the mountain of pride, anger, envy,
laziness, negative attitude and daydreaming.

Conquer yourself before you can conquer the world!



Your life is your greatest legacy, and you have only got one, so make it count.

You won’t live forever but you can live on through the impact you make now.

Leave a legacy of excellence.
Leave a legacy of encouragement.
Leave a legacy of purpose.
Leave a legacy of love.
Leave a legacy of kindness.
Leave a legacy of honour.


  • LIFE IS…

Life is about responsibility not status,
contribution not consumption,
relevance not significance.
Life is about you making contribution to life!


You can be anything you want to be.
The only limitation you have is you!
Think greatness and live positively.
You’re unstoppable!



Problems have a purpose, and part of

God’s purpose for allowing you to face

obstacles is to test your attitude. That’s

you need to be positive even in negative situations.


  • DON’T

Don’t do the following:

  • Don’t always take the easy way out. Go all the right way,
    no matter how long.
  • Don’t allow what you can’t do interfere with what you
    can do. Find out what you are good at and master it to perfection.
  • Don’t look for a temporary solution to your condition. Be patient and get to the root of your problem, then dig at the root to get a permanent solution.
  • Don’t place your identity on people’s opinion of you. You are unique and created in God’s image. What matters is God’s opinion of you and how you see yourself.
  • Don’t disrespect yourself or diminish your value by yielding your body to sin. Jesus died for you to let you know that you are precious and of inestimable value.



According to Abraham Lincoln, ‘Success is going from failure

to failure without losing your enthusiasm.’ If you have never

failed at something, it means you’ve never tried anything.

Success is the result of learning from failure and giving it one

More try!

If you have failed in the past, there is another chance for you- For

this thing we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.

Get up and give it another try!




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