A prisoner is somebody confined in a prison as a punishment for a crime or while waiting to stand trial for a supposed crime. Have you ever wondered how many innocent people are being imprisoned or punished unjustly for a crime they didn’t commit?

Some innocent prisoners die in prison without justice being served. Some are fortunate enough to regain their freedom after many years of incarceration when the truth finally becomes revealed. Let’s take a look at the case of Archie Williams, a black American who was falsely imprisoned 37 years for rape, a crime he didn’t commit. He finally got his freedom in 2019. How did he survive? “I went to prison, but I never let my mind go to prison. Freedom is of the mind”, he answered.

Just like Joseph in the Bible, the gang-up against you might be watertight with no room of escape. Who’s going to take his word- a mere slave in a foreign land, up against the accusation of Potiphar’s wife? But for the Grace of God, Joseph would have died in the prison a nonentity with no family support or the opportunity to appear in the court of law.

What is it the devil is using to hold you bound or what is the cause of your self-imposed prison? Sometimes, your past can be your prison! The truth is that, your past no matter how atrocious it seems, has been forgiven and paid for, and your future is guaranteed in Christ. You have been declared innocent!

There is liberty for every prisoner. If Jesus has set you free, you can’t be bound.

Just like Joseph, it is time to get out of the dungeon of hopelessness and despair, have a clean shave, throw away your prison outfit and move to your palace.

Come to Jesus! He’s the way out of every prison to a life of purpose, excellence and grandeur.
If the Son of Man should set you free, you are free indeed.

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