Storms come for a reason. They also come for a season. Discover the reason and become wiser. Outlast the season and become stronger. But never quit – Anonymous

There is no problem free life! You would have nothing to celebrate if you don’t have challenges to overcome. The most important thing in life is not to dodge problems but to persevere and go right through it with the right attitude and become a better you. No matter how difficult life may be, don’t give up on life!
When you are able to locate a need and go out of your way to proffer a solution, no matter how stressful it seems, you become a star and a wonder to your generation. According to the author of ‘Big Dreams Small Start’ Onotina Irume, she recounted that long before Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, a German teacher named Reese almost did. Reese’s phone could convey sounds of whistling and humming but not speech. Many years later when Reese had given up, Bell discovered his error- a minor adjustment. He corrected the error and was able to transmit speech loud and clear. If Reese had only persisted, his name would have been on the telephone today instead of Bell’s.

Persevere until you overcome that storm and make a name for yourself in life. No meaningful achievement can be obtained overnight, you have to be dogged and seek for ways to always be ahead of life’s challenges. Be like the grass which always grows back greener and stronger even when it is stepped upon, crushed, burnt or cut.
Do you remember ROSA PARKS, the black woman who refused to surrender her seat to a white man and move to the back of the bus? There was more at stake that day than just a ride home from work. By her resilience against the oppression of the white folks, she changed history for the black race and suddenly moved to the centre stage. Dare to stand against the storms of life, even if you have to stand alone.

A life without challenges, is a life without purpose! Sweet wine comes from crushed grapes. Don’t run away from difficulties, you have to go through to break through.

The bigger the storm, the greater the accolade when you eventually overcome.
Like the saying goes “Every tide ebbs leaving behind beautiful pebbles”. Don’t be swept away by the storms of life, rather like the Kite, rise high against the wind, not with it. Seize every moment and make life count.
Lesson: Every storm is for a purpose. Be courageous and go through it with the right attitude and expectancy.

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