What you don’t know is bigger than you! If an opportunity should arise for you to learn something new that would add value to your life, seize it and never let it pass you by. Knowledge gives us fundamental understanding of what we should know to advance our course and be able to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

When you are mentally lazy in acquiring knowledge, especially when what you know has become obsolete, you’d end up becoming outdated, an ‘old-school’ and not significant in the society.In the words of Bishop David Oyedepo “What we do not know, we do not know. What we won’t learn, we cannot know, and what we do not know, we will pay for it.”

If you don’t update yourself and keep up with the latest and most applicable information in your chosen career or specialty, you will become stranded in life with no growth potential. If you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance. It’s much more expensive. ‘Every man’s ignorance is its limitation!’

Currently, if you are not computer literate, or lack basic internet knowledge and protocols, whatever your profession, you will end up a local champion with no audience. Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the new reality of life in terms of information technology, skills acquisition, attending conferences and update courses in your chosen career or profession is what it takes to succeed.

Are you a road side tailor? It’s time to update yourself to become a fashion designer. Understanding begins with learning. If you don’t know, then learn how. Behind every greatness in life is something worth learning for the next level.

If you know what you should know, others will pay you for it, and that automatically puts you in charge with more money in your pocket. Having the right knowledge will make a giant out of an ordinary person.

No matter your profession or vocation, there is room for improvement. You must constantly upgrade your skills and knowledge to remain valuable and relevant.

‘Knowledge is power’ because with knowledge comes promotion, relevance, wealth, impact, and ultimately the advancement of mankind.
Don’t get tired of updating yourself. It’s worth the effort.

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